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Latest News

* Safeguarding Children Ireland
To view the Irish Sector Child Safeguarding Audit report click here
* Videos : The Missionary of Africa : En Route for the 150th Anniversary 1868-2018

* VATICAN -Missionary Prayer Intentions entrusted to the Apostleship of Prayer for 2016
*As from the 8th January 2016 :Our Archives and Library Rome
will be opened
from Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 9 a. m. and 12.30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5.30 p m.

* Jubilee of Mercy : 08-12-2015 / 20-11-2016 : All the documents on the website of the Vatican.
* "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity". 18-25 January 2016 : 1 Peter 2:9
* Vatican Unveils Theme for World Day of Migrants and Refugees January 17th, 2016

* Episcopal ordination of Fr Duncan Tsoke in Johannesburg
* Appointments stagiairs 2016 (provisional list)
* 18th April 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Louis Stultiens in the Netherlands.
17th April 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Pedro Burgos at the Residence St Joseph - Evere - Belgium
* “Nonviolence and Just Peace: Contributing to the Catholic Understanding of and Commitment to Nonviolence
Organized by: Pontical Council for Justice and Peace and Pax Christi Internantional
* 17th April 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Pedro Burgos at the Residence St Joseph - Evere - Belgium
* "The Joy of the Gospel" - Exploring the transformative power of joy - An interview by our confrere Yago Abeledo of Bishop Rodrigo Mejia, sj.
* PEBEFA (White Fathers and Family) N°18 Enero -Marzo 2016 (In spanish)
* 3rd April 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Willy Schaar in the Netherlands
* Diaconal ordination and / or Solemn Oath of five confreres in Nairobi on 30/04/2016
* Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Child Protection (CCP) of the Gregorian University.
* A recollection on the "Year of Mercy and Reconciliation", given by our confrere James Ngahy, MAfr during Lent 2016 to the SMA in Nigeria. Maybe good materail for one of your forthcoming recollection. Thank you James.
* 25th March 2016 : Happy Easter to all of you.

* 25th March 2016 : Do visit : MAPEERA-NABUNNYA PILGRIMAGE CENTRE : to promote the cause for the beatification of Mapeera and Amans, a project coordinated by Richard Nnyombi, MAfr
* 22nd March 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Pierre Genest in Montreal - Canada
* 8th March 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Stefaan Feys at Avondrust (Varsenare) - Belgium
* History Series n° 15 : “Henri Marchal (1875-1957) - An Apostolic Approach to the Algerian World” by Gérard Demeerseman, M.Afr. (translation John MacWilliam & Peter Smith), 2015
* Appointments Young Confreres (first term)
* Herman Bastijns : African Myths (Philosophy & Faith), new edition 2010
* AEFJN : Lenten meditation : Sustainable use of water, oceans and marine resources
* Announcement of the episcopal ordination of Father Richard Baawobr
* 28th February 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Joop Witjes in the Netherlands
* Meeting of the Provincials in Tunis from 19th to 28th February 2016
* World Council of Churches (WCC) Meeting in St Anne’s Jerusalem, 9th – 11th February 2016
* Announcement of the appointment of Fr. Richard K. Baawobr as Bishop of Wa (Ghana)
* The first semester of the ACADEMIC YEAR 2016 in Merrivale, by Amorain Wayikpo, Robbin Simbeye and Damien Ahimbisibwe.
* 15-2-2016 : Obedience : Letter of the secretary for formation Jean-Michel Laurent to the candidates of initial formation.
* JOY-FILLED GOSPEL SERVICE - Renewal Program for Catholic priests and religious in Africa.
* 11th February 2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Jacques Crépin in Ermont, France.
* 10th February 2016 : Return to the Lord of Brother Rudolf Keith at Haigerloch, Germany
* Lenten Recollection - Herman Bastijns, M.Afr.
*Climaxing the Year of Consecrated Life in Ghana : Fr. John Mubanga, M.Afr.
* Notices of the Confreres who recently passed away : Joseph Nouvellon, Hubert Roy, Jacques de l’Eprevier, Walter Lükewille, Benoît Perreault
* Bethesda biblical session (BS): Are welcome missionaries of Africa, African clergy, missionaries men and women. 10 September - 9 December 2015 - in our Community of Jerusalem in English. Folder, Participants ,
Testimony of Sr Singini
, Testimony of Fr. James Ngahy.

* 8-12-2015 Kasama : Clothing Ceremony & Testimony 1 & Testimony 2
* 17th January 2016 : Return to the Lord of Brother Eugene Leonard in Glasgow, Great Britain
* Our Jubilarians M.Afr. 2016
* Statistics of the Society 1st January 2016

* 15th January2016 : Return to the Lord of Father Gérard Chevillard in Billère, France.
* January 2016 : Meditation : " Blessed Neema" Marcel Boivin M.Afr.

* 31st December 2015 :
Return to the Lord of Father Paul Van Ravestyn in Brussels, Belgium
* Newsletter M.Afr. from India December 2015 (300kb)

* Fides Agency : Pastoral Care Workers Killed In 2015

* 27 Décembre 2015 Photos et texte : Ordination sacerdotale de Serge Boroto M.Afr, à Bukavu, RDC.

* 27-12- 2015 : Feast of the Holy Family, photos of the Mass in our Parish: St Stephen's Church, Khartoum North Sudan.

* 27th December 2015 :
Return to the Lord of Father Charles de Noüe in Liège, Belgium

* PEBEFA (Pères Blancs en Famille) N°17
Enero -Marzo 2016 (In spanish)
* Pope Francis' Homily (21h30) et Message Urbi et Orbi of Christmas 2015

* Book 2015 : "Christianity in the Luangwa Valley Where faith and culture meet or don't meet", Bernard Udelhoven M.Afr
* Book 2015 : "Ifishilano ku Kabende na kwa Sokontwe", Bernard Udelhoven M.Afr (In Chibemba).
- VATICAN -Missionary Prayer Intentions entrusted to the Apostleship of Prayer for 2016
* Father August Schynse ( 1857-1891) The first German in the Society, François Richard, Archivist

* 5 Texts written by Bishops about our theme: “revisiting our mutual relationships in the service of the local Church
* 18thDecember 2015 :
Return to the Lord of Father Normand Papineau in Montréal, Canada
* 17th December 2015 : Return to the Lord of Father Dante Paganelli in Treviglio, Italy
* Message of Pope Francis for the 59th celebration of the World Day of Peace 1st January 2016

* Article about our feast day celebration (Inmaculate Conception) last week at Lourdel House (Kampala). We also had the golden jubilee celebration of our confrere Ferdinand Tillman.
From Yago Abeledo
* 13th Decembre 2015 : Return to the Lord of Father Jean Lhomme in Bry-sur-Marne, France.
* 13th Decembre 2015 : Return to the Lord of Father Joseph Perrier in Billère, France.
* 12th Decembre 2015 : Return to the Lord of Father Joseph Leduc in Billère, France.
* 10th Decembre 2015 : Return to the Lord of Father André de Thézy in Mours, France.

* JPIC Newsletter Dec. 2015 N°4 Missionaries of Africa Ghana-Nigeria Province
* Viste du P. Richard Baawobr, Sup. Gén, aux confrères de Belgique et des Pays Bas Novembre 2015

* 28-11-2015 Nairobi :
Declaration of Intent, Ministry of Acolyte / Déclaration d'Intention, Ministère de l'Acolytat
* From Spiritual Year of Kasama (In Zambia) Echos from Kasama! with pictures - Picture special of the whole Community
* Workshop in the Ugandan Sector on Community Projects, the Local Church and Appreciative Discernment. And
intervention of Bishop Acquirino Francis Kibira (Kasese) on Missionaries and their Presence in the Local Church.
* 26-11-2015 : Cardinal's Day Celebration in Formation House (Jinja): different activities, Homily given by Otto Kato
* Quelques photos prises par notre Supérieur Général lors de la visite du pape François en Ouganda. 27-28-11-2015.

* 22-26 November 2015 : Nairobi Conference on Land Grabbing and Just Governance in Africa Statement
* 27 Novembre 2015 Abidjan : Ministrère de l'acolytat - Ministry of Acolyte
* Serment Missionnaire & Diaconat Afrique du Sud 27 & 28 Nov 2015 Missionary Oath & Diaconate South Africa

* "Formation and collaboration in communion as it affects collaborative ministry in Osogbo Diocese for the past 20 years".Talk of Fr. James Ngahy M.Afr May 2015.
* History : Growth of the Society during the mandates of Bishop Livinhac
* The Society of the Missionaries of Africa after the death of the Founder. Peter Mateso M.Afr.

* Father Yves Alliaume (1900-1983), François Richard Archivist Rome

* 27 Octobre 2015 : Le P. Maurice Borrmans, M.Afr. (Père Blanc) docteur honoris causa de l'Université pontificale urbanienne de Rome

* Interview of Wilbert Gobbo M.Afr. one the BBC at teh end of the Synod of Family (In Kiswahili)
* October 2015
: 4 Texts written by Confreres about Community Project
* Brother Alban (1904-1998), François Richard Archivist Rome

* September 2015 Press Review John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre N°4 Uganda
* The Church in France and Muslims, Fr. Michel Lelong W.F.

* VATICAN - World Mission Day: Catholic Church Statistics 2015
* Interview of Wilbert Gobbo M.Afr. one the BBC on the Synod of Family and Vocation (In Kiswahili)

* Statistics of the candidates M.Afr in Initial Formation Academic Year 2015-2016
: 494

* Voice of Mapeera Uganda : Newsletter for Vocation Animation M.Afr.
September 2015 N° 15

* Sept 2015 : Meditation : " Barabara the thief " Marcel Boivin M.Afr.

* Book :
"Meditations on the Most Beautiful Names of God" , Mgr Michael L. FITZGERALD, 2015

* Newsletter of the Missionaries of Africa in the Philippines September 2015 /3
Vatican Unveils Theme for World Day of Migrants and Refugees January 17th, 2016
* South Africa - The beatification ceremony of Benedict Daswa will be held on September 13, the first martyr of South Africa recognized by the Church

* Interview with Paul Reilly, M.Afr, just before his Priestly Ordination on the 25th July in California.

* July 2015 :
6 Texts written by Confreres about The General Chapter

* 7 Juin 2015 Texte et Photos Ordination Episcopale de Mgr Jean-Christophore Amade Aloma, M.Afr, Diocèse de Kalemie-Kirungu, R.D. Congo

18_06-2015 : Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis : "Laudato Si"
* June 2015 : 6 Testimonies of Confreres about “Ecology – Integrity of Creation.”
* Missionaries of Africa : Irish Newsletter May 2015 n° 143
* To Visit the New Website of our House of Formation in Jinja, Uganda 1st Phase (En anglais)
* Tam-Tam.com January 2015 : The Link Magazine of the Missionaries of Africa Students

* April 2015 : 6 Testimonies of Confreres about their missionary commitment to dialogue with the Muslims.

* * DR.CONGO : 2015-03-31 : Appointment of the Bishop of Kalemie-Kirungu Jean Christophore Amade M.Afr
* The Echoes from AEFJN n°18: February March 2015 (Africa Europe Faith Justice Network)

* March 6th 2015 : Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald M.Afr, on the “Grounds for dialogue with Islam today”
* February 2015 :
5 Testimonies about the link between the family and consecrated life.
* Radio Vatican Interview of Paul Hannon (M.Afr) about the Pisai
* M.Afr : 6 Testimonies about promotion and vocation work
* The names of pastoral workers, priests, men and women religious and lay catholics Killed during 2014

5 Testimonies of our former Superiors General

* Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis to all Consecrated People for the Year of Consecrated Life.

* The Charism of our Society - Historical Perspective by Francis Nolan M.Afr. (2014)
* History : Expansion of the Society during the life of Cardinal Lavigerie. François Richard
* : Lavigerie : Self-conquest through Action. Jean-Pierre Roth M.Afr
* Globethics.net Publication: Religions for Climate Justice: International Interfaith Statements 2008-2014.

* Africa Action Sheet. 2014/ 3 (Africa Europe Faith & Justice Network) United Kingdom
Centre de Recherche pour la Sauvegarde et la Promotion de la Culture Sénoufo, in Sikasso Mali
* The Charism of our Society - Historical Perspective by Frank Nolan M.Afr. (2014)
* Fébruary 2014 : 4 Testimonies about African Traditionnal Religions in Africa

* The theological foundation for the Anti-Slavery Campaign of Lavigerie, François Richard M.Afr

* The Statue of Our Lady of Africa in the Basilica O.L. of Africa in Alger (2 documents Archives + Photos)
* See the blog related to the anti-slavery campaign "Breathing forgiveness. Embracing the giant wound in the naked now" from Yago Abeledo M.Afr

* Booklet : 2012 : Cardinal Charles Lavigerie and the Anti-slavery Campaign (Without pictures)
* The Annuario Pontificio : The number of baptized Catholics on the planet continues to grow
* A webpage with useful and interesting resources (JPIC)

Computerised Missionaries of Africa Archives available on the Internet


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