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update 25.02.2015

Let us Break the Chains
Combating Modern Slavery



1st March 2015
2nd Sunday
of Lent


Latest News

* Safeguarding Children Ireland
To view the Irish Sector Child Safeguarding Audit report click here
* 11 November 2012 - 08 September 2013
: 125th Anniversary of the Anti-Slavery Campaign of Cardinal Lavigerie,
our founder (M.Afr and Msola).
* Videos : The Missionary of Africa : En Route for the 150th Anniversary 1868-2018
* VATICAN -Missionary Prayer Intentions entrusted to the Apostleship of Prayer for 2015
* Library Closed: from the 27th June to the end of the works
We hope to re-open in January
Ordinations' Dates of our young confreres 2014
* Lenten Recollection by Fr. Herman Bastijns M.Afr 2015
* Pope's Lenten Message 2015
* 16th to 21st February 2015 The Southern Africa Province Stagiaires' meeting, in Beira, Mozambique
* 19-02-2015 : SECAM appoints a Liaison Officer to the AU in Addis Ababa

* Book : "Splendid Replies of Shihâb al-Dîn al-Qarâfi's" Diego Sarrió
Cucarella, M.Afr 2015
* 15-02-2015 : Homily Thanksgiving Mass New Cardinals + Photos

* 14th February 2015 :
Return to the Lord of Father Louis Vielfaure in Saint Boniface, Canada
* February 2015 :
5 Testimonies about the link between the family and consecrated life.
* Notices of the Confreres who recently passed away :
Emilio Galindo Aguilar, Luigo Vittorio Plebani, François Laflamme, Paul De Buck, Alphonse Daigneault

* January 2015 : "Consecrated For Awakening The African World Usg's Address To Comsam Richard Baawobr, M.Afr

* 25th January 2015: Benedict Daswa (South Africa) to be Beatified as Pope Francis gives his assent

* 02-02-2015 :
Pope's Homily for World Day of Consecrated Life
* 1st February 2015 :
Return to the Lord of Father Lionel Dion in Sherbrooke, Canada
* Radio Vatican Interview of Paul Hannon (M.Afr) about the Pisai

* Updated 29th January with pictures : 24th January 2014 :
Pope's Audience with Members of the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI) in Rome - 50 years Anniversary in Rome
* The Echoes from AEFJN n°17: January 2015 (Africa Europe Faith Justice Network)
* Papal Message for 48th World Communications Day 2015 (17/05/2015)

* Livre "UNSEEN WORLDS" Dealing with Spirits, Witchcraft, and Satanism, Bernard Udelhoven M.Afr 2015

* Booklet of Stage 2015

* 10-01-2015 : Photos : Priestly Ordination of Tomasz Podrazik, M.Afr, Poland

* 9th January 2015 : Oyo Diocese, in Nigeria: Mass in Memorial of 2 Missionaries of Africa and 2 Sisters of Immaculate Conception.
* Booklet History Series
2014 N°14 : Diary of Father Voillard's journey in central Africa to visit the Missions
* 50th Anniversary of the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI) Programme January 22nd-24th

* Cultural causes aggravating the spread of Ebola, Bernard Ugeux M.Afr
* M.Afr : 6 Testimonies about promotion and vocation work

* Obituary-And Missionary Apostolic Life of Fr Kevin O'Mahoney
from +Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin (Eparch of Adigrat Eparchy
* 27-12-2014 : Photos : Priestly Ordination of Antony Alckias, M.Afr, India

* Statistics of the Society 1st January 2015

* The names of pastoral workers, priests, men and women religious and lay catholics Killed during 2014

* Our Jubilarians M.Afr. 2015

* Photos : * Serment Missionnaire & Diaconat Abidjan 12 & 13 -12-2014 Missionary Oath & Diaconate

* Spiritual Year : Kasama in Zambia Clothing Ceremony 8 December 2014

* 17-12-2014 : Photos des funérailles de Pierre Meynet à Paris
, France

* 08-12-2014 : Talk of Richard Baawobr, Sup. General, à Paris : "Our Mission Ad Gentes to Europe and the Americas".

* 14th December 2014 : Return to the Lord of Father Pierre Meynet in Paris, France.
* Queretaro, Mexique: 5 - 6 Décembre 2014. Bénédiction et inauguration de notre maison complètement rénovée et agrandie

* Invitation Ordination of Alckias Antony M.Afr India 27-12-2014.
* Share WORLD Open University – Honorary Doctorate Award given to Fr. Claude Boucher Chisale, M.Afr
* An overview of our academic year 2014 Our House of Formation in Merrivale, South Africa. By Amorain Wayikpo
* JPIC Newsletter Dec 2014 N°4 Missionaries of Africa Ghana-Nigeria Province

* Rome: Dec 2014-Jan. 2015 : 16th JPIC-ED Bulletin (Justice Peace , Integrity of the Creation - Encounter & Dialogue)

Nov 2014 : Montréal : An exhibition Africa on the WF/M.Afr, Jacques Poirier M.Afr

5 Testimonies of our former Superiors General

* Newsletter of the Missionaries of Africa in the Philippines December 2014 /4
* Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis toall Consecrated People for the Year of Consecrated Life.

* November 2014 : Talk of Richard Baawobr (Sup. Gen.) Consecrated Life in Africa: Chances and Challenges
* 26 Novembre :
Photos - 26 November 1892 Death of the Cardinal in Algiers
* November 2014 : Talk of Richard Baawobr (Sup Gen) : Opportunities and Challenges of Justice Ministry in Africa Today
* Text of the Vatican on the Year of the Consecrated Life. It starts next week, 21st November.

* Serment Missionnaire & Diaconat Afrique du Sud 28 & 29 Nov 2014 Missionary Oath & Diaconate South Africa
* July 29, 2014 :
Interview: Anti-Slavery Campaign Interview Series: Roger Foster (Yago Abeledo M.Afr)

* The Charism of our Society - Historical Perspective by Francis Nolan M.Afr. (2014)

* History : Expansion of the Society during the life of Cardinal Lavigerie. François Richard
* : Lavigerie : Self-conquest through Action. Jean-Pierre Roth M.Afr
* Preparing for the 150th Anniversary of our Institution José María Cantal Rivas Provincial of Maghreb

* Vatican - World Mission Day 2014 - Catholic Church Statistics

* October 23rd 2014 : 5 Missionaries of Africa received the 50th Independence Anniversary Medal in Zambia

* Statistics of the candidates M.Afr in Initial Formation Academic Year 2014-2015
: 491

* Globethics.net Publication: Religions for Climate Justice: International Interfaith Statements 2008-2014.

* Irish Newsletter October 2014 n° 141
* 6 Testimonies of our confreres about Pope Francis
* My Journey as a Muslim in Christian-Muslim Justice and Peace Work, Sani Suleiman
* Ground work at the Preparatory Centre in Chipata, Zambia by Albert Chilufya, M.Afr
* Africa Action Sheet. 2014/ 3(Africa Europe Faith & Justice Network) United Kingdom
* 18th October 2014 in London Conference Africa Europe Faith & Justice Network -UK
* 29-30 August : PISAI at the Sixth Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Fr. Diego Sarrió M.Afr

* "Livre " Eduquer à la Paix et à la non-violence " Andres Göpfert M.Afr. et Mr Anicet Liliou

* July 2014 : M.Afr : 7 Testimonies of our confreres who are working with our elderly confreres
* JPIC Newsletter June 2014 N°2 Missionaries of Africa Ghana-Nigeria Province (Only Text 1 column)

Centre de Recherche pour la Sauvegarde et la Promotion de la Culture Sénoufo, in Sikasso Mali
* The Charism of our Society - Historical Perspective by Frank Nolan M.Afr. (2014)
* Tam-Tam.com March 2014 : The Link Magazine of the Missionaries of Africa Students
* Fébruary 2014 : 4 Testimonies about African Traditionnal Religions in Africa

* Brief Story about St Edward's College, House of Formation M.Afr in Great Britain, Marcel Boivin M.Afr. (In English)

* Dossier Migrants by Richard Nnyombi M.Afr.
* Centre For social Concern : Malawi Press Review : November 2013

* The theological foundation for the Anti-Slavery Campaign of Lavigerie, François Richard M.Afr

* The Statue of Our Lady of Africa in the Basilica O.L. of Africa in Alger (2 documents Archives + Photos)
* Very interesting link related to the Anti-Slavery Campaign. It is about Daniel Rudd (Representative in the United States of Charles Lavigerie's work for the African Slaves)
* See the blog related to the anti-slavery campaign "Breathing forgiveness. Embracing the giant wound in the naked now" from Yago Abeledo M.Afr

* Booklet : 2012 : Cardinal Charles Lavigerie and the Anti-slavery Campaign (Without pictures)
* The Annuario Pontificio : The number of baptized Catholics on the planet continues to grow
* A webpage with useful and interesting resources (JPIC)

Computerised Missionaries of Africa Archives available on the Internet


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