Thème du MESSAGE


1er JANVIER 2016

« Gagne sur l’indifférence et remporte la paix !"

Thème du pape pour le 1er janvier 2016

Texte intégral

"Gagne sur l’indifférence et remporte la paix !": c'est le thème du message du pape François pour la 59e Journée mondiale de la paix, le 1er janvier 2016 dont voici le texte complet dans la traduction du Saint-Siège.

Il a été présenté au Vatican ce 15 décembre par le cardinal Peter Turkson, président du Conseil pontifical Justice et Paix, par Mme Flaminia Giovanelli, sous-secrétaire de ce dicastère, qui a insisté sur la continuité avec le magistère des denriers papes, et par M. Vittorio V. Alberti, official de ce même dicastère, qui a évoqué spécialement le fléau de la corruption.

On également été présentés les témoignages de Mgr Michele Pennisi, archevêque de Monreale (Sicile), membre du dicastère, sur la situation des détenus, et de don Luigi Ciotti, fondateur du Gruppo Abele et dell’Associazione Libera, pour la lutte contre les mafias, qui n'étaient pas présents, mais en présence de réfugiés assistés par le Centre Astalli.


Agence Zenit


Agence Zenit


1 JANUARY 2016

Pope Francis Announces Theme of Message for 59th World Day of Peace on January 1st

"Overcome indifference and win peace"

Full text

VATICAN CITY, The title of Pope Francis' message to celebrate the 49th World Day of Peace, to be held on Jan. 1, 2016, is “Overcome indifference and win peace.” On Dec. 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and the day of the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the message was signed. It is divided into eight chapters: God is not indifferent, God cares about mankind, God does not abandon us; Maintaining our reasons for hope; Kinds of indifference; Peace threatened by global indifference; From indifference to mercy: the conversion of hearts; Building a culture of solidarity and mercy to overcome indifference; Peace: the fruit of a culture of solidarity, mercy and compassion; and Peace in the sign of the Jubilee of Mercy.

The message was presented in the Holy See Press Office this morning by a panel composed of Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace; Flaminia Giovanelli and Vittorio V. Alberti, respectively under-secretary and official of the same dicastery.

In a period in which there is a widespread attitude of indifference, Cardinal Turkson began by explaining, the Pope considers in depth this “globalization of indifference” which, starting with indifference to God, is extended to human beings and all creation. "Human beings consider themselves self-sufficient and believe they owe nothing to anyone other than themselves, granting themselves rights without assuming duties."

“After showing that peace is threatened by indifference at all levels, the message," he noted, "offers a biblical and theological reflection, which enables us to understand the need to overcome indifference to open up to compassion, mercy, commitment and, therefore, to solidarity. This latter is defined as a moral virtue and an attitude that those with responsibility in education and formation, such as families, educators and trainers, and those who work in relation to means of social communication, are required to cultivate."

The document, Cardinal Turkson pointed out, reaffirms the confidence in the capacity of human beings to conquer evil with good, and indicates the many praiseworthy forms of solidarity present in society in favor of victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters, the poor and migrants.

It concludes, he said, with an appeal from the Holy Father to every person, in the spirit of the Jubilee of Mercy, to assume a concrete commitment to help improve the situation in which he or she lives: in the family, the neighbourhood, or the workplace. "Therefore, it is not only indifference at the centre of the 2016 Message, but also man's capacity, with the grace of God, to overcome evil and to combat resignation and indifference."